roll up stand

exhibition roll up stand with digital print

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What is a roll-up stand?

promotional stands and portable exhibition structures are one of the most practical methods of advertising. roll-up stands are one of the most widely used tools. extra small, low weight and easy to carry and install are the features that have made this product very popular. Also, good stability and less space occupancy compared to other stands are the advantages of the roll-up stands. Roll-up stands are made of light and durable structures that will hold your poster and protect it for a long time. construction of structures and digital printing takes short time and allows you to have a high quality exhibition poster in a short time.

steel roll up stand

black roll up stand

silver roll up stand

Roll-up stand features

  • Fast preparation
  • Easy to carry
  • durable
  • stable standing
  • low weight
  • can produce in different size
  • Occupy little space
  • Possibility of using indoor and outdoor space

easy to carry and install